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We have formed a team of 250 native speaker translators and professional project managers who skillfully localize websites, software, and games for more than 40 languages.
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We provide over 200 companies with translations every day.
Our cornerstone principles are providing stable service quality to every client, observing each and every deadline, and ensuring fair and transparent cooperation terms.
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We employ state-of-the-art online solutions for successful negotiations, presentations, training sessions, and other tasks.
With us, your business will communicate in any language.
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Machine translation and post-editing
A new trend in the translation market that we will help you introduce into your business.
This tool is great for a launching and testing a product in a new market, quick translation of the corporate documentation, and saving funds in large projects.
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Audio-visual translation
We will translate your corporate videos, ad clips, films, and other media.
Professional transcription, voiceover, and captioning for your projects.
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Our Strengths
years in the translation market, ranked among Russia's 100 largest agencies
translators, editors, designers, and testers
State-of-the-art technology
We employ CAT tools that integrate translation automation and project management resources
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Personal manager, quality assurance, 24/7 support
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Website, Application, and Software Localization
Over 200 brands rely on us for their projects.
We are ready to engage in your tasks.
Questions and Answers

The service price depends on how much we have to localize.

Only new words are counted: repetitions, numbers, and punctuation marks are excluded.

We also accumulate the translation memory that helps curb the localization costs by 50%.

Translation prices also depend on the language pair, subject, specifics, and quality of original documents.

We offer 4 translation plans, each for a specific purpose of translation.

Send us the original documents and your requirements to get the most accurate calculation.

We will prepare an estimate that will regard all the specifics of your project.

Language pairs

We have over 250 translators and editors covering more than 40 language pairs.

For all languages, teams were formed and tested, split into squads working on the main topics we can handle: localization, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, law, and technology.


For our clients, we compile and manage the termbase with use cases and translations of the terms that can be found in specific texts we work on.

The glossary can highly facilitate our translators' work and switch specialists on the go—eventually improving the quality of translation and ensuring the term unification across the text.

We can import your glossary or create a unique one for your project.

Personal account

The personal account is a place where you can manage the processes and track every step of cooperating with us.

Here, you can upload your projects, get a precise estimate of every task, and hammer out the details online.

You can also leave comments on all project stages, track progress, and export finished translations.

Our platform comes with an intuitive interface that will keep you focused on performance.

Order a free demonstration.

Translation memory

The translation memory is our internal database where we store original texts and their translations.

It helps automatically translate repeating text segments, certain sentences, words, and phrases.

The translation memory facilitates translators' work and enables easy specialist switch during a project.

It also can save up to 50% of the translation price.

For example, if we have already translated similar documents, segments that fully or partially match the new ones will be inserted or suggested automatically.

This is how we save your time and money.

Continuous localization

We offer continuous localization of updates to

make sure your game is fully translated at the moment of release.

For that, we employ our online platform. A developer only needs to add a new line to the project resources.

After that, the updated file is—via API or a utility—automatically forwarded to our platform, where the translator sees the new text and translates it.

The updated text is automatically parsed from the platform.

This is how we ensure complete localization of the product—supporting all the updates in continuous mode.